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The adventures of Barabbas continue. Haunted by the supernatural, the insurrectionist pushes ever closer toward his destiny. Through the mountains of Ephraim and dusty villages of the Jezreel, he encounters unthinkable evil and black magic. In the darkness, he encounters the light of the mysterious rabbi preaching a radical message. Yet his heart, still filled with revenge, is not satisfied. Rebelling against the Roman Empire, he finds himself once again fleeing for his life. But this time, he is like a wild animal backed into a corner. A journey destined to collide in one of the most pivotal moments in the history of mankind.
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Barabbas was one of the most notorious men in the Bible.  He was the man who was freed by Rome to escape the cross in the place of Jesus.  Find out about the story behind the greatest story ever told.  The life and adventures of Barabbas before the cross that included the greatest of joy, the depths of despair and the gripping tale that led him to become a murderer.  In this epic series of 3 books about a man who lived a life on the run as an enemy of the Roman Empire that spanned across places he never even dreamed he would see.

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The Lost Gospel of Barabbas, Historical Fiction, Supernatural Fiction, Biblical Fiction, Adventure, Zealot, Kevin L. Brooks
​In the days when the Romans ruled the ancient land of Cana surrounding the Sea of Galilee, the young Barabbas faces his own demons and starts down the road that will lead him to his ultimate destiny. A road of love, anguish, and revenge. A historical fiction with a supernatural twist.  Not what you would expect. "This isn't your typical Sunday school story."  Maybe what we think we know, maybe the legend of the notorious insurrectionist Barabbas is wrong, all wrong.
Like steel in the fires of a forge, Barabbas is now a hardened man.  Plagued by supernatural beings and pursued by bloodthirsty Roman soldiers, Barabbas plots his revenge as he flees to the high Mountain of Hermon, just north of his homeland.  But he discovers that no matter how far he runs or where he hides, he cannot escape the truth. There is no exodus from a man's ultimate destiny.


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When evil is lurking, Barabbas sees ravens.  The scary part is that no one else around him sees them.  Do you see ravens too? I am starting a #RavenWatch to help others see that something may be lurking about. You can join in the fun: Post Pictures of ravens you see with the tag #RavenWatch to your social media accounts.  (Be sure to capitalize the R & W in your tag!) You can find my #RavenWatch posts on my social media Here: 

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Dear Readers:


The Lost Gospel of Barabbas is a “what if” story. It follows the infamous insurrectionist as he travels the road of life that leads to his destiny. Although fiction, this story is filled with historically-accurate times, events, and people.

My research was exhaustive, as I intend to provide the reader with the most accurate portrayal possible.

In doing this, the story, along with Barabbas, sometimes encounters dark times and dark humanity that have led to some controversy.  But this isn’t your typical Sunday School lesson. Welcome to the journey of Barabbas!


A journey of intrigue and mystery.

A journey of oppression and darkness.

A journey of revenge, but mostly, a journey of hope.




Kevin L. Brooks

"A raw and gripping tale of life in first century Israel." - Scott, Helotes, TX


"I thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward with anticipation to seeing the completed version. From beginning to end, it captivates you. It is well written and the story itself leaves you wanting to read more books by Mr. Brooks."  - Sara, Lubbock, TX


"Exciting and educational at the same time. A fresh perspective on a familiar story. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series." -  Jason, Dallas, TX


From start to finish, The Lost Gospel of Barabbas is a novel I couldn’t put down.  Kevin Brooks’ style of writing is thoroughly captivating  and leaves me hungry formore.  - Maryann, Allen, TX


“The author has done a brilliant job in researching details of the culture, the people, and the time to create a riveting story that comes to life as you read each page.  Seldom do I read an entire book in 3 sittings, but this one left me hungry for the next chapter. The scenes and the persons become real enough to seem like forgotten scrolls from ancient Biblical times.”  - J.W. Oliver, Argyle, TX


See What Amazon Reviewers Have To Say:


"The Lost Gospel of Barabbas is an intriguing Christian fiction blended with historical details that make this book both imaginative and realistic. The tale of young Barabbas in his formative years was a smooth read filled with adventure, love, heartache, and a supernatural ability that he has yet to harness, all taking place under the oppressive thumb of the Roman empire." - A. Lindsey


"I don't normally read historical fiction so I did not expect to like this book much. I didn't just like it; I loved it! I was fascinated by the Jewish traditions and felt like I was learning the purpose behind them right along with young Barabbas. There is something for everyone here: the faith, the supernatural, adventure, and love. The characters are so real to me that I'm having a hard time waiting for the sequel ..." - W. Flintstone


"I am a huge fan of fictional books mixed with historical facts. If you are too, this book is for you. This was a quick read and easy to follow. Once you start reading you won't be able to put it down." - K. Waldoq


"I learned so much Jewish history and culture and absolutely cannot get this book out of my mind. Write fast, Kevin!" - S. Morris

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