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The Lost Gospel Of

Like steel in the fires of a forge, Barabbas is now a hardened man.  Plagued by supernatural beings and pursued by bloodthirsty Roman soldiers, Barabbas plots his revenge as he flees to the high Mountain of Hermon, just north of his homeland.  But he discovers that no matter how far he runs or where he hides, he cannot escape the truth. There is no exodus from a man's ultimate destiny.



The Lost Gospel of Barabbas, Historical Fiction, Supernatural Fiction, Biblical Fiction, Adventure, Zealot, Kevin L. Brooks


The Lost Gospel Of

In the days when the Romans ruled the ancient land of Cana surrounding the Sea of Galilee, the young Barabbas faces his own demons and starts down the road that will lead him to his ultimate destiny. A road of love, anguish, and revenge. A historical fiction with a supernatural twist.  Not what you would expect. "This isn't your typical Sunday school story."  Maybe what we think we know, maybe the legend of the notorious insurrectionist Barabbas is wrong, all wrong.

Readers, the Barabbas books are available to read on your favorite devices – Apple, Kindle, NOOK, Kobo, and more 

Dear Readers:


The Lost Gospel of Barabbas is a “what if” story. It follows the infamous insurrectionist as he travels the road of life that leads to his destiny. Although fiction, this story is filled with historically-accurate times, events, and people.

My research was exhaustive, as I intend to provide the reader with the most accurate portrayal possible.

In doing this, the story, along with Barabbas, sometimes encounters dark times and dark humanity that have led to some controversy.  But this isn’t your typical Sunday School lesson. Welcome to the journey of Barabbas!


A journey of intrigue and mystery.

A journey of oppression and darkness.

A journey of revenge, but mostly, a journey of hope.




Kevin L. Brooks

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