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Kevin L. Brooks grew up in north central Texas. He grew up reading Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan series, Ian Fleming's James Bond, and Louis L'Amour. Along with a healthy dose of comic books, especially Batman, these ingredients helped shape the course of his life to come. He went on to attend college at Texas Tech University and Lubbock Christian University. After graduating, Kevin entered the business world working for a Financial Services company. Several years later, in 1996 he left that company and opened his own successful firm, Brooks Financial Services. In his spare time, Kevin finds time for his passions as an outdoor enthusiast. He enjoys everything from hiking, climbing, and mountaineering, to hunting and fishing. In fact, many parts of this tale were invented while sitting in a deer stand or a duck blind. He also studies Philosophy and Religion, as well as his favorite topic, History. Kevin loves history, real history,  real, fascinating, living history. One day, he decided to pursue his long-held desire to write a novel. Over the course of the next 12 years, he slowly spun the tale of The Lost Gospel of Barabbas. Over time, the story grew into three tomes. This is the first of the series. This is Brooks' first novel. 

Kevin L. Brooks Author of The Lost Gospel of Barabbas, Adventurer, Hunter, Fisherman, Father, Son
Kevin L. Brooks author of The Lost Gospel of Barabbas, Hunter, Adventurer, Fisherman, Father, Son

According to a recent scientific study, you should stop reading this right now and buy it immediately. Then tell all your friends. In fact, friends who share this tale have wonderfully deeper relationships, play better golf, and catch more fish. So, tell all your friends to go fire up the jeep and as soon as Duck Dynasty is over, go pick up a copy. Kevin lives in Texas with his antique wife (antique as in dealer, not antique as in old) and two brilliant Labrador Retrievers. His grown children are close by and ready for adventure. He continues to run Brooks Financial Services and to get outside as much as possible. In theory he is working on his next novel, if he's not on the snow-covered summit of some mountain somewhere.

Kevin L. Brooks Author of The Lost Gospel of Barabbas, Adventurerer, Fisherman, Hunter, Father, Son
Kevin L. Brooks Author of The Lost Gospel of Barabbas, Father, Son, Adventurer, Hunter, Fisherman

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